Plots in Noida Extension—A Review

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Plots in Noida Extension


Dreaming of owning your own plot? You can make this dream come true in one of the hottest locations of NCR — Noida Extension (Greater Noida West).

Noida Extension is located in Greater Noida. It has Authority allotted plots in sector 2 and sector 3. In 2008–2009, Greater Noida Authority had launched two different schemes for plots and had got huge response. The Authority had received approximately 76,000 applications for plots in sector 2. 



Map of Noida Extension


The details about plots in Noida Extension sector 2, sector 3, and private plots is as below:

  • Sector 2 plots: In August 2009, Greater Noida Authority had allotted 2,000 plots in sector 2 under the RPS0109 scheme (RPS0109 = Residential Plot Scheme 01-Jan-2009). Of the alloted plots, the size of 1,200 plots was 162 sq m and the size of 800 plots was 220 sq m.
  • Sector 3 plots: As per Greater Noida plot scheme (XU001), Greater Noida Authority had allotted 1,156 plots with 120 sq m and 200 sq m sizes in sector 3.
  • Private plots: Apart from Authority plots, some local colonizers are also selling illegal plots at very cheaper rates in Haibatpur, Roja Jalalpur, Aminabad, and Bisrakh villages. To sell their plots, these colonizers show that their land does not fall in the Authority’s notified land, but belongs to the village abadi. Greater Noida Authority recently demolished few illegal houses in Haibatpur village. Some private colonizers (e.g. IFI town) are also selling their plots at very cheaper rates. Hence, buyers and investors need to check the status of such land with Greater Noida Authority before investing money in such property.



Master Plan of Greater Noida


Comparison of Sector 2 and Sector 3


Sector 2 has approximately 2,000 plots with sizes 162 sq m and 220 sq m. Sector 3 has plots with sizes 120 sq m and 200 sq m. Thus, based on buyer's choice and buget, a plot of any size can be selected. The land in sector 2 belongs to the Patwari village. In sector 3, some area of the land belongs to the Bisrakh village and the rest belongs to the Jalpura village.



Layout Plan of Greater Noida Sector 2


Sector 2 is the nearest sector from the Noida-Greater Noida Link Road, which is a 130 m wide road and comes after crossing the Hindon bridge from Noida sector 122/71. Sector 2 is covered by developed area from all four sides. On one side of sector 2 is sector 1, in which approximately 13 builders have their residential projects. On the second side of sector 2 is Tech Zone IV, which has few builder projects and management institutes. On the third side of sector 2 is sector 3 and on the fourth side is the 130 m wide road. Greater Noida Authority is planning to launch the high-rise builder residential and commercial projects in sector 12 that is just opposite to sector 2.



Layout Plan of Greater Noida Sector 3


While coming from Noida sector 122/71, noida extension sector 3 comes after sector 2. Sector 3 is surrounded with Knowledge park 5, sector 2, and some part of sector 1. Both the sectors can be reached via the 130 m wide road. The other way to reach these sectors is by taking a right turn from the first circle after crossing the Hindon bridge.


Sector 2 has the Patwari village inside and some area reserved for abadi land. In both sector 2 and sector 3, 17.5% plots have been reserved for farmers. Hence, both sectors have at least 17.5% farmer population and 5% abadi land alloted by the Authority.


Sector 3 is fully allotted by Greater Noida Authority in three different schemes. Sector 3 has mixed use of plots / build-up houses and EWS flats in it. Location-wise, sector 2 has some advantages over sector 3. Lots of builder projects are around sector 2, and the Authority has allotted 3 builder plots in sector 2. Of these 3 builder plots, 2 plots are clubbed and allotted to Erros Group. The third builder plot is still laying vacant. Sector 3 has its own advantage for not having any village area within it. One can expect good number of end users in sector 3 soon because it has build-up houses and EWS flats almost ready.


noida extension second crossing

Noida Extension Second Crossing

Plot Sizes and Budget


The plot sizes are available from 120 sq m to 220 sq m. Sector 2 contains plots of sizes 162 sq m and 220 sq m. Sector 3 contains plots of sizes 120 sq m and 200 sq m. One should have the budget of Rs. 58 lacs – 1.10 crore for buying plots in Noida Extension. The price is based on location.

noida extension from sector121

Noida Extension from Sector 121


Current Rates / Circle Rates


The allotment rate of the Authority was Rs. 10,500 per sq m. And the current circle rate of plots in Noida Extension is Rs. 22,000 per sq m. The premium of resale of plots is Rs. 35,000–45,000 per sq m.


Allotment Year, Completion Deadline, and Penalty


Sector 2 and sector 3 plots were allotted by Greater Noida Authority in 2008–2009. Possessions were due in 2011–2012, but due to the farmers agitation in Noida Extension and the NCR planning board approval (NOC), the possessions got delayed. Now, the Authority is planning to give possessions in the end of 2012. Once the allotees receive their possession letters, they have to take the Occupancy certificate within 2 years. That means, they have to get minimum 50% construction of their plots within 2 years of possession to avoid penalty or cancellation of their allotment.


sign board noida extension

Sign Board showing Noida Extension



Internal roads of the sectors are well planned and are 9–18 m wide. Both sectors are connected to the Noida-Greater Noida Link Road (130 m wide road) and a 4-lane road connecting NH-24 to Greater Noida.


crossing noida extension bridge

Crossing Noida Extension Bridge




Both sector 2 and sector 3 are well connected via the Noida-Greater Noida Link Road (130 m wide road), which connects Noida to Greater Noida after crossing Noida sector 71 / Noida sector 122. The proposed 4-lane road connecting NH-24 to Noida extension is 80% ready. Hence, this location is well connected from NH-24, Noida, Crossing Republic, and Greater Noida.


road connecting 121 noida extension

Road connecting Noida Sector 121 to Noida Extension

 road connecting extention crossing

Road connecting Noida Extention to Crossing Republik

Major Attraction in Future


Noida Extension is a hub of affordable housing. 70+ builders have come up with residential projects and nearly 3 lac flats are planned for construction. Greater Noida Authority has recently increased FAR from 2.75 to 3.5. Hence, 25% more flats will be added, which will carry approximately 10-12 lacs population.

The Authority has also planned:

  • The extension of Metro from Noida Sector 71 to Greater Noida
  • A signal-free road from Noida Sector 18 to Noida Extension, for which the Authority is making 2 underpasses on this way. One of the underpasses is proposed at Noida sector 71 red light.
  • Allotment of institutional plots to top brand schools in Noida Extension

homes 121 near extension

Homes 121 near Noida Extension


Vedantam in Noida Extension




The location is still under development and hence, security is a concern. Even if plot possessions are given by the Authority in 2012, lots of construction activities will be going on in the next 3-4 years and one can expect moving trucks/material movement etc. in builder projects. Hence, apart from noise pollution and lack of proper electricity, security is a major concern. However, this issue will be minimized once people will start getting possessions of flats and plots.


The Authority has already started installing sewer and water lines in a few sectors. Hence, there is no water or sewage issue. In sector 2 and sector 3, sewer and water pipelines have been installed in some areas. However, there is lack of 24-hours electricity in Noida extension. The Authority is planning to make 4 sub-stations in Noida Extension to resolve the electricity issue.


Parks in the Area


The Authority has well-planned internal development. There are many parks in the inside of both sector 2 and sector 3. And approximately 35% of the plots are park facing. But due to poor maintenance by the Authority, the local Residence Welfare Association (RWA) has to take care of the maintenance of these parks.



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