Plots in Noida Sector 122—A Review

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Sector 122 is one of the upcoming sectors of Noida. It can be reached when one follows Noida Greater Noida link road from sector 72 Noida. For those who are coming from Delhi through Kalindi Kunj, just go straight to Sector 37 and then straight to Sector 72 and follow Noida Greater Noida link road to reach Sector 122. This sector has excellent connectivity by road to other sector of Noida and also to Greater Noida (Noida Extension part of Greater Noida). This sector is a completely residential sector and is planned for villas only. There is proper planning for parks, schools, and market inside the sector. The sector roads are quiet wide and are in good shape. This sector is surrounded by high rise flats of Sector 119 like Gaur Grandeur, Prateek Laurel etc.


noida sector 122 entrance

Entrance of Noida Sector 122



  • Planned for villas only

  • Relatively cheaper plots than any other sector of Noida

  • Larger size plots available for sell

  • Very well connected by roads

  • Low density

  • 7 km from Sector 62, Noida, which is the hub of software companies

  • 5 km from the nearest Metro station, Noida City Center

  • 12 km from Sector 18, Noida, which is the commercial market place of Noida and has malls like GIP, CSM, etc.



  • Since this is a new sector, most villas are under construction
  • Security might be a problem currently
  • No good market within walking distance
  • Availability of Auto/Bus/Rickshaw/Metro is also at a considerable walking distance

Surrounding Locations


The surrounding locations of Noida sector 122 are:

  • Noida Extension

  • Sector 72

  • Sector 71

  • Sector 119

  • Sector 120

  • Gaur Grandeur residential flats

  • Prateek Laurel residential flats

  • Amrapalli 

sector 122 surrounding flat prateek laurel

                                                                            Prateek Laurel residential flats in Noida Sector 119


noida sector 122 park

                                                                                                  A park in Noida Sector 122




The gentry of this sector are good, especially of larger plots. Block D is the most premium block of this sector because all the plots in this block are of 300 sq meter in size. These plots are currently owned by lawyers, business men, doctors, and other high profile people.


Comparison with Other Sectors


The future of this sector is very bright, since the larger plots are owned and being constructed by high profile people like lawyers, doctors, etc. Hence, in future the gentry are going to be good especially in the D block. Moreover, with the plan of metro to pass through Sector 51, Noida, the future prospects of this sector are much brighter.


Sector Layout


The roads connecting to sector are 24 m, 30 m, and 70 m wide.

There is village Sarfabad adjoining the sector. 


View Larger Map                                                                      Map of Noida Sector 122

Plot Sizes


Noida sector 122 contains plots of the following sizes:

  • 112.5 sq meter: 7.5 m x 15 m
  • 162 sq meter: 9 m x 18 m
  • 200 sq meter: 10 m x 20 m
  • 300 sq meter: 12 m x 25 m

The sector is divided into four blocks: A, B, C, and D.

Plots available in these blocks are of following sizes:

  • A Block: 200 sq meter
  • B Block: 112.5 sq meter, 162 sq meter
  • C Block: 112.5 sq meter, 162 sq meter, 200 sq meter, 300 sq meter
  • D Block: 300 sq meter


noida sector 122 layout




Hospital: Fortis hospital, situated in Noida sector 62 is 5 km away from sector 122.

Schools: There are two new schools in sector 122. Other famous schools are situated within 10–12 km range.


Market: Currently, there is no good market available at a walking distance. One needs to go to other sectors of Noida like sector 18 and sector 62 for shopping.


noida sector 122 yadu school

                                                                              Yadu Public School in Noida Sector 122


sector 122 raghav school

                                                                             Raghav Global School in Noida Sector 122


Connectivity by Road


This sector is very well connected by roads. Roads inside the sector are wide.

The distance from some major areas by road is:

  • Distance from Noida Extension: 5 km
  • Distance from Indirapuram, Ghaziabad: 8 km
  • Distance from Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad: 3 km
  • Distance from Pari chowk, Greater Noida:
  • Distance from Sector 18, Noida: 12 km
  • Distance from Sector 62, Noida: 7 km


sector 122 roads 1

                                                                                          Roads in Noida Sector 122


sector 122 roads 2

                                                                                        Roads in Noida Sector 122


Connectivity by Metro


The nearest metro station from this sector is Noida City Center, which is 5 km away.


Connectivity by Bus and Auto

Since this sector is currently not completely occupied, there is no bus transportation available at a walking distance.

However, auto transport is somewhat available.





Current price (as on August 2012) of this sector is around Rs. 60,000 – 80,000 sq m.


Price Appreciation

Recently, cost of this sector has gone up rapidly. Prices have risen by Rs. 30,000 – 35,000 sq m in 2 years.


Current Status

Currently, the construction activity is at its peak in this sector. People are building their dream homes rapidly, as their completion dates are approaching. Most people are building livable houses of one or two floors, and not just constructing to get completion certificate.


sector 122 construction activity 1

                                                                               Construction activity in full swing in Noida Sector 122


sector 122 construction activity 2

                                                                               Construction activity in full swing in Noida Sector 122


sector 122 construction activity 3

                                                                               Construction activity in full swing in Noida Sector 122


sector 122 construction activity 4

                                                                               Construction activity in full swing in Noida Sector 122


sector 122 construction activity 5

                                                                               Construction activity in full swing in Noida Sector 122


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